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Andalus Hospital

Andalus Hospital is one of the leading modern and advanced private hospital in the field of providing health care in all medical specialties in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

We established it on the basis of careful study and analysis of the needs and requirements of the local and regional market, and the increased demand locally and globally to provide a high quality health care, most advanced and safest.

We are working to build a wide and diverse customer base that includes the local residents of the region, and the neighboring areas due to the lack of any private hospitals nearby, and to attract patients and doctors from all over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and regional countries.

Andalus Hospital


The hospital is located near the most important road in Amman / airport road and in one of the most important and densely populated areas / Marj Al-Hamam.

Building Design

The building was designed with the best specifications in terms of the modernity of the architectural design, the quality of the materials used in construction, and public safety, and the implementation is carried out under careful engineering supervision.

Land Area

The project land area is 9000 square meters.

Alarm Systems

The building is equipped with modern early warning devices in case of fire, including pumps and water hoses for extinguishing.


There are more than 100 available parking lot in the project.

Hospital Building

The hospital building consists of four floors, the area of ​​each floor is 600 square meters.


There are three elevators in the building, two to serve patients and one for visitors.


The hospital contains all medical specialties, with an operational capacity of 75 beds, and is equipped with two ambulances.

Power Generator

The building is equipped with a self-powered generator.

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