Andalus Hospital Company L.L.C founded in 2020

Andalus Hospital Company was founded in 2020.
It is a company licensed and registered with the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and its legal capacity is limited liability.
Andalus Hospital Company is concerned with investing in the field of health care and hospitals, as it is one of the most successful investment fields around the world

Andalus Hospital


The hospital is located near the most important road in Amman / Airport Road, and in one of the most important and densely populated areas / Marj Al-Hamam.

Building Design

The building was designed with the best specifications in terms of the modernity of the architectural design, the quality of the materials used in construction, and public safety, and the implementation is carried out under careful engineering supervision.

Land Area

The project land area is 9000 square meters.

Alarm Systems

The building is equipped with modern early warning devices in case of fire, including pumps and water hoses for extinguishing.

Hospital Building

The hospital building consists of four floors, the area of ​​each floor is 600 square meters.

What We’re Looking For


We believe that we can add real value to the health care sector in our country through the modern and distinguished services that we will provide at Andalus Hospital.

Emotional Intelligence

Startups aren’t easy, and we are confident that we can withstand the ups and downs of the business.


Stability in the company’s management is crucial for good strategies to arise.

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